Monday, January 31, 2005

Maureen's beautiful LL's Tuscanny in Everybody Wants Sox from the Sock Calendar Posted by Hello

For Bea...Jaggerspun yarn in a Basketweave pattern Posted by Hello

For Jillisa using the Sock Calendar's Modern Romance pattern Posted by Hello

Chelsea's sweet socks using the Latvian pattern from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks Posted by Hello

More LL for Lucinda  Posted by Hello

Lorna's Laces for Bernice...I loved these socks! Posted by Hello

Super Glitz for Denise in Martha's Vineyard colorway...what fun to have them end up so incredibly soft and luxurious! Posted by Hello

the Opal Inspirations I made for Ellen Posted by Hello
the gorgeous reggia's I made for my sister....I was starting to get good at this! Posted by Hello
Chelsea's of my firsts Posted by Hello

its' like christmas

...better than Christmas maybe. Not only did I just splurge on yet another pair of Addi Turbos, but I got the end lot of CTH supersock AND two skeins of gorgeous lace weight merino in the mail! Hallelujah! I can really knit up a storm now!