Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Questions and answers

I'm going to attempt to answer all the questions about the Opal sweater in one shot.

First of all, the pattern is listed at the end of the original entry...the incredible custom fit's a fabulous pattern with plug-in-the-number blanks for all kinds of sizes. It can be found here.

And the stashbuster spirals pattern - one of the Six Sock KALs can be found here.

I used just one skein of Opal yarn, with some Phildar Preface (blue), Special Blauband (white) and some Regia (yellow) added. All but the Opal were incomplete skeins left over from other things. I used all but about 6-7 feet of the Opal!

To use the stashbusters technique, what I did was to pull off the skein four separate sections of one complete pattern repeat. In my case, it was easy as it went from red to red. Each section was probably 10-12 feet (but that's a was enough to wind up but not nearly enough to really wind on the ball winder.) I figured out how to divide this up around the total sweater....(220 sts divided by 4 = 55 sts a section) and knew that the last round was the longest (ie, double the quadrant or 110 sts in total). So in the middle of the front, I added a piece of Opal, starting with the red section of the pattern. I knit for 55 sts (or to the shoulder) and added another piece, dropping the first yarn and kept knitting. Midway across the back (or 55 sts later) I added another section of yarn and knit with it to the other shoulder. Here I added my last piece of yarn and since I needed to knit with this piece all the way around to where I had dropped the first one, it took me all the way across the front to the other shoulder. The "job" was barely noticeable once I got it going and I was able to make rounds of one color (in this case the red) 3-4 times before the pattern changed. Doing it this way, I have fewer ends to weave in (which I wish I could say about the top of the sweater!) and I think I was able to use the yarn much more effectively. Not only are the color rounds bigger, but only in a few cases did the yarn not match up like it should. When I ran out of the pattern repeat, I simply added a solid and knit a few rows with that before starting the process over.

I don't know if I've described this well, but that's how I did it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Opal sweater

I am so thrilled with the way this is turning out! There is no doubt the technique from the stashbuster's spiral has changed the way I work this...wish I'd known it sooner! Just a few rows of ribbing at the bottom and around the neck and this puppy is done! I love the pattern....the incredible, customfit raglan sweater -definitely a keeper!

Deb's LL "Tuscanny"

I finally finished these for Debbie. I do love the Broadripple pattern for these LL colorways. I just wish the timing were better...spring is really making itself felt, but hey...winter will come again.!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Catching up

I've been so busy knitting, I have failed to stay current on this blog 'o mine. Let's see...what have I done since I last wrote?

Well, the Frolicking Shamrocks are done and all delivered in time for St. Patrick's Day....all three pair! They were fun to do, but the solid color, straight knitting about drove me nuts! Boring with a capital B. I can't see beading all that often, but it's nice to have done it just the same.

I finished the cashmere smoke ring and managed to knock off a pair of warm woolie Bartletts for my dear sis and bro-in-law which I gave them when they came with the oodles of stuff from my aunt's estate.

My gift cert to the LYS was burning a hole in my pocket, so I grabbed some Maxi-Ringel in blues and green that I just love. So much so, I'm doing a k2, p2 for the whole sock! Talk about boring, but at least the colors keep it interesting. And I finally found a colorway and pattern for Debbie...Broadripples in LL Tuscanny.

Speaking of LL, I can't believe what my gorgeous socks look like after just three washings. The whole cuff and leg is all pilled and fuzzy looking...not felted, just looking frayed and crappy. I loved them so much and now they look like junk. I am so disappointed...not to mention embarrassed when I think of all the ones I have given as gifts. What a pleasant thing....handmade socks that look like crap after wearing them a few times. I can't imagine why this is happening. Gauge? Pattern? Yarn? The foot is fine...nice and tight and not a bit of pilling or fuzziness, but the leg looks like I've had them for 20 years. So much for the high price on that stuff! Unfortunately, I still love it. I love the colors, the way it works up and feels. But I won't be making anymore until I figure how to avoid this disappointing final product.