Sunday, March 18, 2007

Project Harlot

There's the "Yarn Harlot" and then there's me... the "Project Harlot". The Victorian Lace Today book has me by the teeth and I currently have three different WIP.

First I started the Maltese's not blocked or anything but I just needed to get a photo of it. It's a slow go since each row is worked in pattern with no "rest row" so, as a reprieve from that when I'm feeling tired, I started.....

...the amazing Three Cornered Shawl. This little number begins with 684 stitches! I've actually started it twice, had a major error the first time and redid it. It was a heartbreaker since I had followed the directions and done an unreal e-loop cast on, making the first row one from hell. Never again. In fact, when I started over I did a typical cable cast on and it seems plenty loose enough. I have just reached the end of the first chart repeat.

I would probably be a lot further on both if I hadn't started the Shoulder Shawl.

This is the second one of these I've done and I thought it would be a quickie but...

I choose to use the incredible soft (and fine!) Handpainted Yarn lace weight so my gauge is completely off and I need to make it much larger than the pattern calls for.

In fact all of the above are in the same is so soft, it's like silk and I love the weight. I will see what I really think when I have it all washed and blocked, but if it's anything like their heavier weight yarn, it will only get nicer.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another Swallowtail finished

From this...

To this....

...another Swallowtail Scarf for mom's birthday. Made from Misti Alpaca in a glorious and succulent red for an 85 year old hot shot!

I failed to get a picture of the beautiful Shoulder Shawl from VLT that I made for Becky's going away gift. I did it with lovely yarn from Ebay's JoJo Land and it came out stunning!

Now I just need to finish the Maltese I am working on as well as the Three Cornered Shawl which I just love! Is there anything in this book I don't want to knit???? No!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shawl Magic

First, it gets wet. I soaked for a good twenty minutes, shooting for the full immersion technique since this was my first attempt at blocking lace and I wanted it to be as pliable as possible!

It's very hard to believe this pile of wet wool is going to turn into anything, never mind something beautiful and elegant!

Rolled in a towel and ready to begin the blocking process!

It's magic watching the transformation take place. It's also amazing how one slight adjustment and you have to move 1000 pins as a result! Around and around the bed I go....

Blurry shot but it's finally all pinned out and ready to dry. I am in awe of what I have done!

And yes, it DOES turn into something beautiful and elegant! Who knew?????

Some of the Christmas knitting....

The incredible Harrisville "Orchid Line" sweater I made for Kristin for Christmas. Wonderful yarn...a joy to work with and I loved how it turned out!

Chelsea's luscious mittens done in Kid Seta and Cool Wool. They feel like you are placing your hand into velvet. She loves them!

She also loves her cabled hat which was my own design. I loved the way the cables spiraled out of the top and wanted to work that design into a hat. Turns out it was exactly what my DD wanted, complete with braids!