Sunday, December 03, 2006

What's keeping me busy right now......

The little Cables with Heart sweater for Sarah. The pattern is from the Arans & Celtics book. (I only list Amazon as the link as a means of giving you the info but would love to suggest you purchase it from your LYS instead.) The book is chock full of patterns I love and have every intention of making once the holiday knitting is done.

I'm doing this in Dale of Norway Freestyle - not a yarn I am enjoying much. I don't like superwash wools...don't like the sheen or slickness it gives the fibers, but how can you create a sweater for a three-year-old that isn't washable?

The whole thing is taking far longer than I dreamed it would....I mean, it's not that big!!

But here is a close up (sort of) of the miles and miles of seed stitch in this little sweater. It's a good thing I love the way it looks so much or this particular stitch would be eliminated from my repertoire!

The little sleeves. It's almost done! Good thing with Christmas only a few short weeks away! Not to mention, I'm sick to death of this color, this yarn and this seed stitch!!

On another note, here are the two Maple Leaves scarves from Jackie E-S. I love them! I do so love her designs and her patterns are so beautifully and clearly written, anyone could make them. I'm doing these in the Elann Baby Cashmere and they will grace someone this Christmas, but I'm not sure who just yet. Despite how stupid they look, they really are lucious and once blocked, will be gorgeous and yummy! I work on these when I can't take another moment of the sweater above. I'm trying to stick to one project, but it's really hard!

Just to strengthen my resolve (and get back to knitting!), I won't show the other WIPs right now. Shhh...we'll pretend these are the only two things I've got going.

Another finished sweater

This is another sweater I knit when I wasn't blogging. This one was for my sister, done from a pattern for "Aran Cardigan" in an old (1997) issue of Cast On. I used some Pinquoin I had in my stash and loved it. So soft and the pattern took only a little tinkering to look exactly the way I wanted it to.

Here's a close up of the back, where you can see the alternating seed stich and ribbing done inside the cable areas. It was another pattern that was a joy to do...plenty to keep my interest alive!
I made it a bit longer than called sister would not have liked it nearly as short as the pattern wanted. I wish the color were better. It really is a lovely pale blue.


The gorgeous sweater for Maureen from Alice Starmore's Fisherman Sweaters. The pattern is the Lochinver made with some of the old Heirloom wool. It was a joy to make...her patterns are so good....and it looks unbelievably beautiful, even on this old chair!

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's been a long time.....

....a really long time, since I updated this blog. That's what happens with new computer, new camera and more time spent knitting than blogging! I hope to get "current" in the next few weeks, but one never knows....Christmas knitting is taking over!