Saturday, February 21, 2009

She doesn't get it

My darling daughter, who gets so much of everything, does not get my fascination/obsession with yarn.

Yesterday, as a treat for enduring yet more tests, I went to both LYS. I was ostensibly searching for the Magical Mitten pattern (no luck) but took the opportunity to fondle some yarn. Both of these stores are sweet in their little yarn-shop-in-old-houses sort of way, but they both left me cold for inspiration. Just too much of the same old, same old. (Not to mention, walls of acrylic...what's the frickin' point??) I should have spent the time fondling my stash yarn instead.

Still, did I manage to avoid all temptation? No, of course not. In the second shop, I spotted the display of Schaefer Anne and meandered over. Before I got to the table, I spotted this.

Before I even got my hands on it, I knew it was coming home with me. The colors - not my usual fare - knocked me out. As usual, my crappy camera does not begin to show the intricacies of this colorway. The copper is bright and shiny, the browns and tans are deep and rich and the subtle shades in between are perfect. All this and it feels like silky velvet. I swooned. I petted. I carried to the counter. Ah, sweet euphoria!

When I got it home, I was opening my purchases on the bed when my dd came in. I quickly grabbed the yarn, ripped open the bag and handed it to her, saying "Look at the yarn I bought! Isn't it exquisite"?

She turned it over in her hands, looking at it somewhat dubiously, and then tossed it back towards me, letting it fall unceremoniously onto the bed. She didn't say a word...just gave me that look that says some combination of "mom, you've lost it" and "it's only yarn". I could only gasp in disbelief as I snatched up my new yarn and fondled it closely to my heart.

I really am a sick person.

I really am sick since just hours before when
I opened the mailbox, I found this and it prompted almost precisely the same reaction in me. It's a gorgeous 700 yards of Dream in Color Baby in Dusky Aurora. Oh, how I love it!

Maybe I'm not so much sick as I am fickle??


Loren T said...

Anne is one of my favorite sock yarns! Just wait until you knit it up and put it on your feet... heaven! On the coldest days, it's always my Anne socks I reach for first.

Mari said...

I think: if you can't get the joy of small things in life, you are very seldom happy at all. Some people need to get drunk to get the euphoria - and it lasts a couple of hours, and harms your inner organs. SOme people pet yarn, and it can be repeated every time they open the stash chamber.

Some day your daughter will understand the simple joys of life - she's just too young now!

Anonymous said...

Well honestly, that means yarn you do not have to share your beautiful yarns. If I were your daughter and saw that yarn, you would be crying right now, or back shopping for more.


HASSSAM said...

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HASSSAM said...

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